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The Challenge

So what is this challenge? The past two years I’ve undergone fundraising tasks to raise money for STEPS. Over the past two years I’ve raised over £3000 by reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro in 2015, and in 2016 completing the London Marathon.

This year I wanted to do something that actually involved the family and Will himself. Will is an avid football fan and enjoys playing the game too.

Football is very divisive, but ultimately is a game that can bring people together, we’ve seen this with so much over the years. Having been to the STEPS and Clubfoot Initiative’s Clubfootball day over at Chelsea Football Club’s training ground earlier this year I felt that there could also be a way of not only raising money alongside my family, but also opportunities to meet other talipes parent’s along the way.

So this is it. We are planning to visit the 92 Football League grounds around the country, and at the same time meet as many fellow talipes parents and children along the way. There is a great community out there, and it’s a chance for us to meet and share our experiences all for a good cause.

On the website you’ll be able to read our story, I’m sure it will resonate with you too. As well, you’ll be able to visit the list of grounds we’re going to visit (at the time of writing, we’ve already visited four). There’s also a form for you to fill in if you want to meet up with us at one of the grounds.

At the same time, if any of you out there have any contacts within the football clubs, we’d be very grateful to know. The rules for the challenge is to visit every ground, we don’t have to see a game, and we don’t have to go inside the ground itself, but we would love to at least try and get some photo’s within the ground as proof. We’ve already had football clubs who’ve been really helpful so far, such as Exeter and Forest Green Rovers so hopefully this will continue going forward.

Thank you all for reading, and we hope to see you on the journey.

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